Here at No1 Gym we understand the power of motivation and the importance of having fun when working out.  What could be more fun than joining an exercise class with friends or a group of like-minded people.  There is little that motivates more than trying to keep up with the others in your class!!  have a variety of classes for you to join.  Group fitness is a fun way to exercise, meet people and stay motivated.


Bootcamp is a private group, that you can upgrade to as part of your membership package.  It is an hour-long class that is run 9 times a week (6 morning classes and 3 evening classes – see the timetable for more info). It is an all body workout based on military bootcamps that are run to whip new recruits into shape.  It’s tough – we don’t apologise for that! – but the group really motivate and push each other to achieve.  Teamwork makes the dream work!

We also have a ‘Bootcamper of the Month’ award.  A cheeky little competition to keep everyone on their toes.  The award is presented at the end of every month to the bootcamper who has impressed the instructors with their grit, determination, tenacity and bad-ass attitude!

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Class – this 30min class is run 4 times a week and is a full body resistance and cardio workout combining short bursts of high intensity training with short periods of rest.

If you have a busy life but still want to fit exercise into your weekly routine HITT is the answer!


Metafit – is the brainchild of a former Royal Marines Commando and an international gymnast.  It is a 30 min, non-choreographed, bodyweight only workout that sets the metabolism on fire!

Metafit is tough – but it’s meant to be!!

Abs Blast

Abs Blast – this 30 min fun workout is designed to tone and strengthen the abdominal muscles.

The workout comprises a mixture of exercises, techniques, stretches and floor routines to target the core. 


Spinning – a 30 or 45 min class using our special stationary exercise bikes with weighted flywheel (spin bikes).

The classes are run to fun, high energy music and focus on endurance, strength, high intensity and recovery.  It’s a great low impact cardio workout that drastically improves fitness, stamina and endurance.


Step – is an old school, classic cardio workout that has stood the test of time because it’s fun and it WORKS!!

Using a 4 – 12 inch raised platform (the step) you step up, down and around it in time to the feel-good tunes.  It boosts your heart rate and breathing and strengthens your muscles.

Body Conditioning

Body Conditioning – a full body workout involving cardio, endurance and muscular strength to help shape and tone your muscles.

Using a variety of exercise techniques including resistance, floor work, aerobics and weights you’re guaranteed a varied class that ticks all the other boxes other classes miss.


Pilates – (or the Pilates method) is a series of about 500 exercises inspired by calisthenics, yoga and ballet. Pilates lengthens and stretches all the major muscle groups in the body in a balanced fashion. It improves flexibility, strength, balance and body awareness.Pilates improves muscular and postural strength.

A typical Pilates workout includes a number of exercises and stretches. Each exercise is performed with attention to proper breathing techniques and abdominal muscle control.

Stretch and Mobility

Stretch and Mobility – Mobility refers to our ability to move freely without stress on the body. Our flexibility is dependent on the range of motion of our muscles. The two are not the same, but are not mutually exclusive. Good mobility can assist your flexibility and vice versa. Mobility training can improve the range of motion of our joints and muscles. It can assist in improving our posture. Mobility training can alleviate ‘everyday’ aches and pains as well as improve our body awareness.

Stretch and mobility classes are suitable for anyone of any age or fitness level. Stretching should be incorporated into any fitness regime, it helps the body recover quicker and prevents injury by improving posture.  It’s fantastic for people who spend too much of the day stooped over a computer or mobile phone.  So join a class, take a moment and enjoy your stretch!

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